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Good Karma

Karma ChaMEALeon is Ontario’s premiere 100% plant-based food truck and catering company.  Our Karma is serving food that tastes good and is good for you.  Food that is fresh, local, and natural.  Food that promotes sustainable farming practices and the ethical treatment of animals.

Good karma is being a catalyst for positive change by choosing healthier, greener, and more compassionate food choices for a sustainable planet.

Acting locally, thinking globally… changing the world one bite at a time.

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Your packaging will be 100% compostable or recyclable which keeps waste out of our landfills. Taking it one step further; with every purchase you make a portion goes towards carbon credits to offset our emissions.



Buying fresh, natural, and local produce for our truck supports local farmers and businesses and invests in our environment, health, and local economy.



Every meal is created using fresh whole foods which maximizes its nutritional value and every item that is served from our truck is a product of nature, not of industry.


100% Vegan

All the delicious meals you enjoy are 100% cruelty-free and completely plant based. You’ll never find any dairy, eggs, honey, or animal by-products on our truck but trust us, you won’t miss it.



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our menu items are served on a rotating basis


* Many of our sandwiches can be made gluten-free. Most of our sides, salads, and soups are also gluten-free! [*GF – Means Gluten-Free]

Sunshine Burger
100% all natural & soy-free veggie burger patty served on a freshly baked bun with grilled pineapple, our signature house-made chipotle mayo, cilantro aioli, and organic baby spinach.

Philly Cheeze Steak
(From Hamilton not Philly!)
House-made seitan steak thinly sliced and marinated in mushroom gravy and topped with our creamy cheeze sauce and deep fried onions served on a toasted long roll.

No Piggy Pulled Pork
Shredded BBQ jackfruit topped with crisp Cajun coleslaw, sliced pickles and our home-made BBQ sauce. *Gluten-free option available.

KFC-Karma Fried Chickun Burger
Hand-breaded, house-made seitan chickun burger that is marinated in special seasonings and deep fried crispy. Topped with crisp slaw, house-made Cajunaisse, and served on a toasted bakery fresh bun.

The Veggielicious
Crispy hand breaded eggplant & zucchini topped with roasted red peppers, organic baby spinach, herbed mayo, and balsamic glaze on savory focaccia bread. *Gluten-free option available

Cajun Tofu Po-Boy
Deep fried battered tofu, served on a soft hoagie bun fully dressed with shredded lettuce, sliced tomato, diced pickles and house-made Cajunnaise.

Taquito Dog
Vegan dog rolled in a corn tortilla and deep fried crispy. Served in a toasted bun and topped with fresh pico de gallo, salsa verde, and our signature Karma sauce.

Karma Smoked Brisket Sandwich
House-made seitan brisket, dry rubbed and slow hickory smoked, smothered in our house BBQ sauce and served on a bakery fresh bun with fried onions.

The Reuben Sandwich
Thinly sliced house-made seitan pastrami topped with sauerkraut and our 1000 Island dressing on toasted rye bread.



Jamaican Jerk Tacos
Blue corn tortillas topped with jerk spiced jackfruit, coconut slaw and papaya-guava salsa.

Bueno Burrito
Refried beans, rice, corn, diced tomato, onion, and cheeze. Grilled to perfection and served with fresh pico de gallo and salsa.

Grilled Cheezer
Made with delicious dairy-free cheddar cheese. Served with fresh cut rosemary fries or coleslaw.

It’s A Wrap!
We make a variety of fresh wraps.


Mac & Cheeze
Dairy-free southern comfort creamy Mac & Cheeze. *GF

Fresh Cut Rosemary Fries
Fresh hand-cut fries seasoned with rosemary and our special blend of spices. *GF

Fresh hand-cut fries topped with mushroom gravy and dairy-free Daiya cheese. *GF

Chili Fries
Fresh hand-cut fries topped with our signature veggie chili and drizzled with smoky chipotle sauce. *GF

Chili Non Carne
Made with black beans, diced tomatoes, corn, mushrooms, and gluten-free TVP. Topped with sliced green onions and our smoky chipotle sauce. *GF

Mediterranean Quinoa Salad
Organic quinoa, diced tomato, crisp cucumber, and fresh parsley tossed in a light vinaigrette dressing. *GF

Buffalo Wingz
House-made seitan wingz deep fried crispy and tossed in our buffalo wingz sauce. Served with celery & carrot sticks and our ranch dressing.

Soup & Fritter Combo
Our soup of the day is made from scratch and inspired by seasonally available produce. Our soups are accompanied by either our sweet potato or savory corn fritters with cilantro dipping sauce. *GF option available.

Oliver’s Garden Salad
Organic heirloom tomatoes drizzled with olive oil & balsamic glaze and topped with house-made herbed queso fresco cheese. * Made with organic heirloom tomatoes grown through Oliver’s Garden – a local urban gardening initiative that supports at risk-youth charities.*GF



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Ontario’s first 100% plant-based and animal-free food truck. Our menu is inspired by fresh, natural, and local ingredients. We wish to be a catalyst for positive change by providing healthier, greener, and more compassionate food choices for a sustainable planet. We only use eco-friendly packaging and materials.

Acting locally, thinking globally… changing the world one bite at a time.

All of our cups, utensils, packaging etc. are made from renewable sources and are compostable. We purchase carbon offsets to negate our carbon emissions associated with burning fossil fuels. Karma ChaMEALeon endeavors to produce zero waste and leaf no foot print!

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