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Toronto Food Trucks. Karma ChaMEALeon. September, 2013

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Angelica Sydney & Clay Neddow for Food Trucking in Vegan Style September 2013

Food Truck Entrepreneur. Karma Chamealeon Interview

Dan Kislenko for The Hamilton Spectator. Good Karma: First Vegan Food Truck Rolls onto the Scene June 26, 2013.

Andrew Gardner for Toronto Vegetarian Association 29th Annual Vegetarian Food Festival. Guest Blogger Andrew Gardner Salivates for Street Food and S’mores Pie! September 5, 2013.

Cassandra Chin for Good News: Now You Can Get No Piggy Pulled Pork June 20, 2013.

CHCH News. Karma ChaMEALeon. July 1, 2013. (this video may encounter issues)



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